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I've spent years living with weight that I was unhappy with. Every year I added an inch to my pants size. I attributed this weight to just part of getting older and more stressed out about life, but I was wrong. Like many others, the pandemic allowed me some space and time to  successfully confront my weight challenges in a way I have not before.

I am an educator by trade with 20 years in the field, most of which have been in school leadership. While am passionate about my profession, my drive to help others reach their fullest health potential has become a personal mission.   

I earned my Bachelor's from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, my Master's from Northeastern Illinois University, and my Doctorate from the University of Illinois of Chicago.  I have years of experience with weight training and am excited to bring  the truth about the importance of nutrition to people who are ready for it!

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